About Us

Marline is engineered differently. We take a comprehensive approach to designing your project. Our qualified team of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic engineers are ready to work alongside you to ensure the process is as straightforward as possible.

Our goal is to develop solutions that are not just technically correct but are also realistically workable for our clients. We consider the risk profile of all projects, to determine a balanced solution and a robust outcome.

Newcastle engineers that work with you to get the job done easily and efficiently

We adjust, implement, and create designs on AutoCAD and REVIT. Using the best-fit software makes it easy for our contractors and builders to build the specifications.

As we work our way through the project, our goal is to keep you informed on cost and feasibility throughout the entire process. We aim to advise you on the most affordable and practical solutions and systems for your project.

A long history of engineering consulting

Dating back to 1975, we have developed and earned a strong reputation within the Newcastle community and this reputation now precedes us throughout New South Wales and beyond.

Because we have been in business for so long, and have long-term management and team members, we not only have the technical skill needed to create great outcomes, but also the retained knowledge of our past projects – with a continuous improvement mindset.

As our team of Newcastle engineers continues to grow, we pride ourselves on maintaining relationships with every one of our clients. We are proud to say that our clients receive the upmost high-quality personalised service that Marline is known for.

We’re engineered differently

As a team, we are proud to have the quality of thinking without limits – a quality that sets us apart in the industry, and what allows us to engineer differently. As a result of our critical thinking, over the years we have seen a huge amount of growth through various sectors at Marline. We are extremely proud to be delivering services that go above and beyond the regulatory guidelines.

We offer end deliver unique solutions to our clients in accordance with Section J or JV3 Alternative solution reports. Our team also offer NABERS and BEEC certification that allows for advertising for commercial properties that are fully compliant with Commercial Building Disclosure advertising rules and regulations.

Looking for a unique engineering firm for your next project? Contact us today to find out more.
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